Hit the waves with all the latest gear from Decathlon. We've got everything you need to help you catch that wave, whether it's on a surfboard or bodyboard. We stock a fantastic range of surf clothing, surf equipment & accessories, so not only will you look the part, you'll feel up to the challenge as well. We have a key selection of surfboards to choose from & range of wetsuits to keep you insulated against the chill. We also stock the latest in chic surf clothing for men, women & kids, all at great prices.

    Here at Decathlon we stock the latest Sun Protection Clothing, Surfing Wetsuits and Women Surf Clothing.

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    Our hero product of the season is the Top Junior UV 100, shop now for just £3.99

    Tribord Top Junior UV 100

    Price Drop Quality at even lower prices

    Price drops on a range of products, including Junior Shorty 100, Junior wetsuit 100 4/3 mm, Men's Shorty 100 & 100 36" Bodyboard.

    TRIBORD Junior Shorty 100 TRIBORD Junior Wetsuit 100 4/3 TRIBORD Men's Shorty 100 TRIBORD 100 36" Bodyboard