Welcome to the Decathlon Hiking Shop, we've everything you need to get kitted out for hiking & walking. We stock hiking clothes & hiking footwear so whatever the time of year, you’ll be prepared for what the weather throws at you. With a good pair of walking boots you can tackle all sorts of terrain and stride out in confidence. Our hiking clothes is designed to wick away sweat & is lightweight. We also stock hiking equipment that you can rely on & acsessories to help your footwear stay in top condition at Decathlon.

    Here at Decathlon we stock the latest Hiking Boots, Hiking Trousers and Hiking Backpacks for your perfect hiking trip

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    Our hero product of the season is the Quechua Forclaz 40 Backpack, shop now for just £29.99

    QUECHUA Forclaz 40 Backpack

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